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Our new chaplain
After 13 months without a permanent Chaplain, we’re in business again!!  The Trustees  of the Community met on February 20th, and after interviewing a prospective candidate,  were unanimous in agreeing that he should be appointed.  This is none other than our  very own….Fr. CHRISTOPHER STERRY.

As Fr. Christopher’s health improved, he was  itching to do more pastoral work around the  Community.  With no outside appointment  forthcoming after all this time, he thought the  Chaplain’s role was something he’d love to do  if it were thought appropriate.  It WAS, and so  begins a new chapter in the Community’s  history. ’m sure you’ll be more than happy with the appointment, and give Fr. Christopher your loving support.  Our prayers and good wishes are offered to him, not forgetting Joanie, for the ministry which lies ahead.  They’ll be staying in Woodlands, and not moving into the Chaplain’s house. 
Bishop John and Archdeacon Robert will arrange a Licensing Service to take place in the  near future.  Meanwhile, the familiar figure of Fr. Christopher will be around to “carry on  as usual”. We are all very pleased, and wish him well!! 

Fr John
Acting Chaplain

The Commissioning of our Ikon

Icons are Sacred Art.  They are not for display in a corridor or on a staircase wall and admired for the sake of it, but have a much deeper  liturgical significance.  As part of the liturgy, Icons are there to help us draw closer to God.  
To this end, and almost a year ago, our church commissioned an Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Child from Br Michael, a monk at Mucknell Abbey.  Each day Br Michael worked on the Icon he prayed for our community and church.      Our prayers are also with Br Michael who broke his spine in a fall at the Abbey and is now confined to a wheel chair, yet from this adversity he has discovered this great God-given gift.
Completed a few weeks ago, the Icon of ‘Our Lady of Tenderness’ was dedicated on Wednesday in the chapel at Mucknell Abbey by The Rt. Rev. Michael Hooper, Honorary Assistant Bishop to the Diocese of Worcester with due solemnity but also with great simplicity.  All those who attended were deeply moved by the service and the Icon itself.
This was a also great act of witness by the community and church as almost 30 people attended the Dedication Mass then watched the Icon being carefully transported back to St Leonard’s.
Br Michael, in his own quiet and unassuming way, says this is his finest work to date and with this we wholeheartedly concur – a powerful image of rare beauty which will help draw us closer to God.

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