Music at St Leonard's

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Music at St Leonard's

St Leonard's has a long and distingushed tradition of music and for almost ninety years had its own residential choir school.  

The tradition is maintained by our adult choir and throughout the year we host musical events in the church which includes visiting choirs and organists.  Details of forthcoming musical events are listed on the Events page
Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Choir singing at St Leonard's
Worcester Cathedral Choir singing at St Leonard's

St Leonard's Choir

Our long established adult choir supports the weekly Sunday mass at 11.00am, weekday sung Festival masses.

We greatly value those singers who live outside the community, as well as those who live here.  The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings from 4.30-5.30pm.  Charles Allsopp, our organist, is always delighted to hear from those who may wish to join the choir. He may be contacted by telephone 01684 579186 or email  [email protected]

The Organ

The church has a fine two manual Nicholson organ, with lavishly decorated pipework and was installed in 1864 in readiness for the Consecration of the church.

The first major clean and overhaul was in June 1936 when an electric blower was fitted and a new stop, 15th on Great, replaced an unsatisfactory clarinet.  

In 1986 a two year restoration was undertaken according to the specifications of Nicholson & Co through a bequest from Gordon Barnes.  The work was carried out by Trevor Tipple with the organ being completely dismantled to enable the rotten floor underneath to be replaced. 
In 2008 the organ was again completely refurbished by Trevor Tipple through a bequest from Pamela Bulmer, which included the addition of two exceptionally fine pedal reeds.

Listen to Roy Massey playing the organ