Clayton & Bell Frescoes

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The Grade 1 listed frescoes in St Leonard's Church are acknowledged to be one of Clayton & Bell's two masterpieces, the other being at St Michael's & All Angels, Garton on the Wold. 

This comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to the Frescoes has been compiled by the Archivist and may be read on-line or downloaded.

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Re-instatement of the chancel designs

After three years of planning and preparation the re-instatement of the original designs under the chancel dado which were painted out in 1928 is now complete.  The result is breathtaking and for the first time in almost ninety years we once again see the stunning Clayton & Bell designs.    

Click on any photo to view full size. 

The ugly blue which has blighted the chancel and sanctuary since 1928 has finally gone.

The Great Coronas, once thought to have been lost, have also been restored and once again flank the High Altar after an absence of ninety years.

This booklet on the restoration work, completed and on-going and written by the Archivist is available to read on-line or download.

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The restoration of the chancel, step by step

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